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What Is Responsive Web Design


Almost every client you will come across today looks for mobile versions of their websites. This demand for clients has resulted from the growing use of mobile among people of all classes. Some look for a design for their netbook or Kindle, some for their BlackBerry, and others for their iPad or iPhone. Thus designers are nowadays creating web designs compatible with the screen resolutions of these devices. Seeing the current trend it can also be said that in the coming years, these graphic designers will need to design for several new inventions. The madness is here to continue. A time may come when web designers start finding it difficult to come up with fresh resolutions for new devices. Situations may come where making websites with new resolutions for a particular new device appears to be impossible or absolutely impractical. This means those websites will lose visitors to that particular device. In such cases, responsive web design can come in handy. Read through the discussion below to know more about responsive web design.

The phrase responsive web design is used for the approach, which suggests that both web design and development must have the ability to respond to the environment and behavior of the user according to the platform, orientation, and screen size. Responsive web designs include a blend of flexible layouts and grids, intelligently used CSS media queries, and images. As soon as the user switches to a laptop from his iPad, websites with responsive designs will be able to switch for accommodating the scripting abilities, image size, and resolution of the latter, automatically. To put it otherwise, this practice includes technology for responding to the preferences of the users automatically. Responsive web design will help in eliminating the necessity of different development and design phases for different gadgets.

Have you heard the word responsive architecture? Before knowing what responsive architecture actually is, you must get familiar with the concept of responsive architecture. The main aim of this technology is to find ways for allowing physical spaces to respond to people using them. Architectures use a wide variety of tensile materials and embedded robotics in combination with wall structures and art installations that can flex, bend and expand when people approach them. In addition to all these, a combination of climate control systems and motion sensors can be used for adjusting the temperature and lighting of the room as it gets filled with people. Some architects have already started using newly launched technologies like the ‘smart glass technique’, which gives the glass the ability to become opaque when the occupants of the room reach a particular density threshold. This gives the room additional privacy.

Responsive web design uses the same principle as responsive architecture. It means like responsive architecture helps rooms to adjust according to the needs of the occupants the responsive web designs allow websites to adjust them according to the gadget a user is using. By creating responsive web design designers will be freed from the need of coming up with different designs for different gadgets.

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