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How To Work From Home without getting frustrated?

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In this time of quarantine, we are all struggling with the lockdown. Though we are home, we cannot let go of our second home, our office. Balancing between personal life and professional life is indeed challenging. Some of us are losing minds over the constant calls, while some are managing to complete the task list. Feeling exhausted and frustrated is normal in such a situation. But we cannot afford to lose concentration and have to focus on our work. So, here’s how to stay sane while we all work from home.

Mark your work territory.

Even though you are working from home, it is important to have a workplace. Dedicate a small room or space for your work, and create a professional environment around. Keep all the work essentials in the room and avoid creating an unnecessary mess on the desk. It will help you feel that you are not home, but at work.

Stay away from distractions.

Distractions like television, video games, computer games, or even kid’s toys can affect your work. Also, during work hours, don’t use your mobile phones, if it is not required. If you want to indulge in something, do something creative or simply listen to music.

Don’t forget to eat and drink.

Taking care of yourself is as important as your work, and thus, you should always keep a check on your meals. In this time of COVID-19, you must eat healthy food, and drink as much water as possible to build strong immunity.

Make a task list and stick to it.

In the time of the pandemic, and being stuck indoors, you are more prone to miss out on important tasks. So, the first thing you should do before starting the actual work is to make a task list. Write down your tasks, and then mark as done as soon as you finish them. It will help you stay focused, and there will be no missing out on important tasks.

Dress up as you would regularly do for work.

Staying in pyjamas all day might make you feel lazy and sleepy. Try to wear your regular office wear, and get to work. It also makes you look representable on video calls with clients, managers or teammates.

Take breaks, when needed.

Constantly staying in front of computers can give you back and eye pain. We recommend you to get up from your seat and take a walk within the home. You can also plug in earphones and listen to your favorite music.

Know when to stop.

Work is essential, but during this spread of CoronaVirus, it is our duty to take care of our health. Overwork can cause health problems, and you might need medical help. As we all know how risky it is to go out, we recommend you take precautions beforehand.

Corona Virus has affected all of us and is a terror to the whole world. But, giving up is not the solution. Instead, we should focus more on our work, and help our organizations, and countries to fight it, and become economically stable. Stay home! Stay safe

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