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Brochure Design Tips: Things You Should Never Do While Designing a Brochure


Many business owners encounter a problem while creating brochures that are failing to avoid the common brochure designing mistakes. If you end up printing a brochure boasting a design filled with mistakes, it will not only stop you from attracting new customers but will also waste your money. Thus before sending a newly designed brochure for print, you should make sure that it does not contain the common brochure design mistakes. The section below will educate you about the errors that should never be committed while designing a brochure.

  • Your brochure should not come with too many details. In other words, you should never fill the brochure with too many graphics and images for making it appear more attractive. Overcrowding instead of making the brochure design impressive will make it look extremely constrained. It’s true that a brochure must have some creative features; however, there should be a limit to the number of creative elements the brochure possesses.

  • You should avoid using fonts of different sizes and types. Brochures that have their texts done in extremely fancy fonts or a mix of different font styles mostly appear clumsy and distasteful. A good brochure designer will always use one particular text style that other than being simple is also readable; using such fonts makes the design of the brochure neat, professional, and uniform. If you check the brochures of successful businesses, you will find them using professional fonts such as Tahoma, Times New Roman, or Arial.

  • Often we forget to use white spaces while designing a brochure, which is absolutely wrong. Adding white spaces is extremely important for ensuring that the person reading the brochure does not suffer from eyestrain as a result of checking all its pages. In addition to that, adding white spaces is also important for making giving the brochure a sophisticated look.

  • You should also be extremely careful while picking colors for the brochure. The color you pick should not be too bright or too shabby. They must be bright enough for attracting customers, but should also have a matte appeal for ensuring that they don’t end up irritating the eyes of your prospective clients.

If you want the design of your brochure to be free from all the above-mentioned mistakes, you must get it designed by a reputable graphic design service provider. The majority of the top designing firms offer brochure design services offering letterhead, envelope, business greeting cards, and business card design services.

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